Welcome back…

We have had a tremendously positive response from readers of Wood Matters. Thanks for the feedback - your ideas and suggestions are listened to and are valuable to us.

Subscription maintenance and forwarding

Please note a couple of important points regarding subscription maintenance and forwarding.

  1. If you wish to change the e-mail address for the Wood Matters service, go into Wood Matters and click on the unsubscribe button and enter the e-mail address you wish to stop receiving Wood Matters. After you have done that, click on subscribe and enter the e-mail address you wish to have receive Wood Matters.
  2. If you wish to forward Wood Matters to someone, go to the very bottom and click on forward on the menu bar. This will forward Wood Matters and retain all the correct formatting. You have an option for comments in which you can remind the receiver that if they wish to continue to receive Wood Matters they can click on the subscribe button.