Record Attendance at Safety Champs Meeting in Rotorua

More than 60 people braved the chilly early morning Rotorua air for the August session of the bi-monthly Safety Champs meeting. This is our best turn-out yet! Safety Champs are part of PF Olsen's integrated health and safety management system which has the primary aim of making sure all workers return home safely to their families each night.

The guest speaker was Chris Elphick, a self-employed industrial performance consultant from Picton (see photo). This session was kindly sponsored by the ACC which is pro-actively working towards minimising work-place accident and injury.

"We all acknowledge that forestry, and harvesting in particular, is a hazardous occupation. That's why these sorts of programmes are so important", says Nic Steens, PF Olsen's Health and Safety Manager.

Chris shared a more personal perspective of work-place dynamics and advocated bringing more "love" into the work-place. "Not the lovey-dovey kind of love", Chris quickly explained, "But the kind that shows respect, caring and being there for other people". And despite the audience comprising well seasoned, work-hardened logging folk, Chris' message seemed to strike a chord. Chris urged us to think of how we work as teams, and how we can work together to exceed all expectations.

Thanks for those insights Chris.

Nic Recognised by Department of Labour

A welcome and completely unprompted letter from the Department of Labour (DoL) arrived in August. The letter was to thank PF Olsen for its leadership and support for the pilot Workplace Culture, Leadership and Forestry project in the forestry sector.

In particular, Nic Steens' contribution was noted. "I would like to acknowledge the considerable work your health and safety manager, Nic Steens, has put into making this project happen, wrote Craig Armitage, Deputy Secretary, Workplace Group. "Nic's enthusiasm, industry knowledge and networks have enabled the project to engage a core group of influential contractors."

Thanks DoL, we're always willing to help out for good causes.