NZ Wood Launches new Resource

The joint industry and government funded wood promotional programme to raise the market share of wood in the New Zealand market has begun a new phase as the following media release states…

Inspirational, Informative. Wood at your fingertips

A major new resource about wood is now available, with the release of the NZWood 'Resources' website. Consisting of hundreds of pages of comprehensive information about designing and building with wood, the site has been specifically developed for New Zealand conditions and timbers and is the by far the most comprehensive information resource available to the industry.

"The site has a strong sustainability slant as wood is our most renewable building material", says Geoff Henley, Programme Manager of NZ Wood. "To make that point we have installed a carbon calculator designed with the assistance of Canterbury University which calculates the CO2 emissions saved by using wood in building and construction."

"You just enter the square metre area of a building and the calculator does the rest. Wood gives some very impressive carbon savings," says Henley. The site highlights over 100 case studies of wood use in houses and buildings with sections designed for different professionals such as architects, engineers builders and DIYers.

It also features "How to" guides for work around the house, detailed species information on all the major species grown in New Zealand, including some natives, and a vendors database which directs the user to wood suppliers, particularly where more out-of-the-ordinary products are required.

"The sustainability connection with wood is common sense. People get it immediately because they know wood is produced by sunshine not fossil fuel. As a result people are coming back to wood, following a brief flirtation with other products, and this web site will provide them with the information on how to use wood to best advantage," says Henley.