Carbon Forestry Seminars

PF Olsen held a successful Carbon forestry seminar in Ohaupo (just North of Te Awamutu) earlier this month. A total of 83 participants, many of whom had travelled from well outside of the district to attend, filled the Windy Ridge Conference Centre. South Waikato turned out a beautiful afternoon for the event, the only "dark-cloud" being that the timing clashed with the Melbourne Cup. (Ross Larcombe did check for clashes but didn't extend his search that widely. And we did appreciate those that gave up viewing the race "live" to attend the seminar.)

The sessions are designed to cover not only some essential background to the topic of carbon trading and the emissions trading scheme, but also focus on what forest-owners and would-be forest owners can to in terms of taking "next-steps". One of the topics covered is the highly favourable cashflow that can be generated from Carbon forestry - this makes Carbon forestry much more attractive than timber-only forestry projects (see Exhibit below)

Another topic covered was the issue of treestocks. Treestocks for planting in 2009 are already almost completely committed. In addition, low seed stocks and a poor seed strike this year means that NZ seed supply will be lower than usual. It is very likely that treestock availability in 2010 and 2011 will be constrained (see also Clarky's Comment). When this is combined with increased planting intentions related to the Emissions Trading Scheme, a serious shortage of treestocks is looming. "People considering planting programmes in the next few years will need to secure their treestocks as soon as possible to avoid disappointment", pointed out Peter Weblin, PF Olsen's Marketing Manager and seminar presenter.