PF Olsen Australia - Sponsor and Speaker at Victorian Association of Forest Industries

PF Olsen would like to thank the Victorian Association of Forest Industries for the opportunity to sponsor and speak at the Annual Dinner recently.

Pat Groenhout, PF Olsen's Australian General Manager (see photo left) spoke at the event.

Pat delivered a typically passionate plea for the industry to set aside politics, agendas and personalities and work collectively to advocate that the Victorian Government address fundamental flaws in its forestry right legislation. This legislation, attends Pat, prevents the effective trade of such rights and is likely to place Victorian forestry in a difficult position with respect to participating in an emissions trading scheme. Pat also noted the changing face of forest ownership. More than 90% of new forest establishment in Australia in the last ten years (comprising more than 50% of the entire planted forest estate) has occurred through private investment. This substantial increase in ownership puts ever greater demands on legal instruments such as forestry rights to confer ownership of trees (timber/carbon/other values) independent of ownership of the land. The major anomaly Pat sees in the Victoria Government Forestry Right Act of 1996 is that it excludes the ability to transfer a specific forestry right between parties and explicitly excludes the forestry right being an interest in the land on which it sits.

Well done for highlighting this issue Pat. Lets hope it can be resolved to make the forestry industry stronger and a greater contributor to the Victorian economy in particular and the Australian economy generally.