Kokako Programme Achieves Milestone

The Kaharoa Kokako Trust is a community-based initiative aimed at restoring populations of this iconic native New Zealand bird. Based in Kaharoa, just north of Rotorua, the Trust has facilitated a concerted possum and rat control programme throughout the Kaharoa Conservation Area. During the last 10 years the Kokako population has built up from 12 to over 60 breeding pairs.

A recent walk-through survey funded by PF Olsen as agent for OTPP showed birds moving out into new areas. "This is a tremendously successful programme and PF Olsen and its client OTPP is proud to be supporting the good work being done", says Kit Richards, PF Olsen's Environment Manager.

The Trust recently put out a press release covering the expansion of the Kokako populations and favourably acknowledged both PF Olsen and OTPP (a neighbour to the Kaharoa Conservation Area).

Associations with these sorts of initiatives can only strengthen OTPP's status regarding FSC certification. See also Kaharoa Kokako Trust website.