Wood Matters

Log Market - May

Despite a strengthening NZD, the At Wharf Gate (AWG) prices for export logs in May increased an average of $13 per JASm3 from April prices.


Council Long Term Plan’s

Around the country many Regional and District Councils are currently going through the process of updating their long term plans (and possibly other plans as well). While the Environmental Team at PF Olsen does it’s best to ensure that we read and submit on anything that we think will impact your forests, it is also helpful if you read and submit on your local plan/s as well.


Wildings research applied to Molesworth

With financial support from Forest Grower Research, Scion has developed machine learning algorithms to detect wilding conifers infestations by using remote sensing platforms like drones (for smaller scale assessments of infestations) and manned airplanes (for large regional surveys).


Log Market – April 2021

Domestic prices for structural and industrial logs increased up to $5 per tonne in many regions in response to the recent price increase for export logs. Prices for pruned logs have remained relatively stable in the North Island with small increases in the South Island.


Aerial Spraying Workshop for Forest Managers

Every year PF Olsen staff manage and carry out aerial spraying operations across many thousands of hectares of land. Aerial spraying operations cover both forested land (releasing of newly planted areas; Dothistroma control / other sprays for forest health) and bare land in preparation of planting (weed control). From a forestry perspective, aerial spraying operations are one of the more potentially risky operations undertaken, until a forest is harvested.


Log Market – March 2021

March AWG prices remained the same as February prices. Increased shipping costs for logs to China was mostly covered by increased CFR sale prices. There was little movement in domestic log prices as we come to the end of Quarter 1. April AWG prices will be determined by the relative rises of log prices and shipping costs, while currency movement will also have an impact.


Log Market - February 2021

Domestic demand for logs and sawn timber remains strong as wood processors around the country struggle to keep up with demand for sawn timber. Most log processors received price increases for domestic sawn timber products in February.


Farm Forestry New Zealand

The Farm Forestry New Zealand Association has their annual conference coming up in March and Innovatek has their Carbon Forestry 21 conference in June. PF Olsen is supportive of both these events.


Log Market - December

Domestic demand for logs and sawn timber is strong as wood processors around the country struggle to keep up with demand for sawn timber.


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