Seed & Treestocks

Why genetically improved treestocks are so important to your forestry investment.

The selection of appropriate treestocks is known to be a key factor in the final value of your forest. As greater emphasis is put on growing trees for high-value end uses, it is becoming more important than ever to grow wood of a suitable quality for processing.

Since manufacturers require different wood property characteristics depending on the end use of their product, the ability to differentiate between tree breeds is now crucial. We also expect substantial price differentials based on internal wood characteristics in the future.

Prior to planting, PF Olsen can provide advice on the appropriate treestocks to suit your forest location, silvicultural regime, and targeted end-products or markets. Click here to read more.

PF Olsen produces high quality containerised tree stocks at its Nursery near Waiuku. These tree stocks can be treated with endophytes to improve resistance to specific diseases and increase overall health and vigour. Click here to read more.

PF Olsen also produces a open-pollinated and controlled-pollintated Radiata pine seed at its Seed Orchard near Blenhiem. At this facility we have the ability, in conjunction with our Radiata Pine Breeding Company membership, to custom-design seedlots for specific tree characteristics or timber end uses. Click here to read more.

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