PF Olsen Ltd recently partnered with Manuka Farming New Zealand to provide a complete solution package to landowners interested in establishing manuka for land preservation and/or manuka honey production. The two companies will work together to assist landowners in their respective areas of expertise to achieve the best manuka establishment and management solutions for their clients.

PF Olsen offer interested landowners a package which includes a site visit to assess the site for planting, after which they can provide an establishment budget and recommendations to landowners. Due to its large scale of operations, PF Olsen offers competitive pricing to landowners for all phases of the establishment process and manages the whole operation from start to finish. Robust health and safety policies and auditing means that landowners can be confident that work on their land will be conducted safely to the highest standard and that their principal’s duties are fully discharged.


PF Olsen is a one-stop-shop for landowners wanting to establish manuka