Log Sales

We know our log customers, our network of log purchasers includes all New Zealand domestic wood processors and international log traders and end users.

In selecting an appropriate cutting strategy and  allocating  log  grades  we  take  account  of  customer  preferences  and willingness to pay a premium for quality.

PF  Olsen  has  access  to  a  wide  range  of  log  purchasers  and  makes  a particular  effort  to  establish  a  competitive  environment  for  log  sales  to maximise the price paid for each grade. We have actively recruited new export log purchaser's closer to international end-uses, raising the at-wharf-gate price for forest owners - click here to read more.

PF Olsen offers a range of forest sales methods, including stumpage sale and graded log sale. The best method depends on the size, location and log grades of the forest. PF Olsen will explain the options and involve the forest owner in the choice of sale method to optimise value recovery.

And, to ensure maximum value recovery, PF Olsen employs only skilled contractors and contract workers. We also undertake independent (3rd party) audits of log-making decisions.