Are You Harvest-Ready?

If your forest is over 20 years old you should be thinking about getting Harvest-Ready.

Getting Harvest-Ready is the best investment you can make for your near-mature forest or woodlot. It doesn't matter if the log market is up or down, being Harvest-Ready means you can respond quickly when you decide you want to harvest.

Many forest owners are disappointed when they decide to harvest their trees and find out that it may take months before they can actually commence harvesting.  Often by the time they are ready to harvest, the motivating reason for then wanting to harvest has changed. 

Being Harvest-Ready improves responsiveness and liquidity of your forest investment.

In many cases PF Olsen can assist with holding the costs of getting Harvest-Ready until the harvesting commences.

What does Harvest-Ready involve?

  • mapping the forest or woodlot
  • harvest/engineering planning
  • estimating the volume and grade of logs in the forest
  • obtaining consents and permits
  • resolving any access issues
  • selecting your harvesting and marketing manager
  • scheduling harvesting contractors and marketing planning
  • planning for the next crop of trees

Harvest-Ready is about reducing the delay from the time you WANT to harvest, to the time you DO harvest.

Want to learn more about getting Harvest-Ready?