Harvesting Management

How you can make more money from your forest harvesting

You only get one chance to cut down a tree. Make the most of it!  The decisions made at harvesting can make or break your forest investment. To get the best out of your harvesting project:

  • know exactly what you are selling
  • cut logs for best value recovery
  • market each grade for best possible price
  • receive payment for everything the forest produces, including pulpwood
  • cover off your Principal's Duties
  • minimise financial and statutory risks
  • option to gain FSC® certification

Find out how to put yourself in the best position to maximise the value of your forest or woodlot by getting Harvest-Ready.

Get the same benefits of large scale forest owners.

Most forest owners find that the best and easiest way to maximise the return on their investment is to appoint a trustworthy, professional and independent harvest management company. Choose someone you can trust to act in your best interests.

Evaluating all the options is difficult. Read our Buyer's Guide to assist with the selection of the right harvesting manager for you.

Want to get the same benefits as large forest owners?