Group Insurance Scheme

As part of its service package to clients, PF Olsen offers a comprehensive and competitive Group Insurance Scheme to forest owners, put together by our broker.

Are you covered for forest losses related to fire or wind damage?

Are you covered for costs of fire fighting or claims of loss from fire spreading to a neighbours property?

Could you afford to clear land and replant after a fire or wind event destroys your forest?

The PF Olsen Group Insurance Scheme is designed to assist small-medium sized forest owners get the same economies of scale as large forest owners, and make cost-effective insurance within their reach.

Some claims facts:

  • wind claims are 10 times more common than fire claims
  • the largest forest loss from fire ever recorded in New Zealand was 1,320 hectares
  • the largest forest loss from wind ever recorded in New Zealand was 23,260 hectares