Forest Management

Establishing or tending a forest? Selling or buying an existing forest?

Good management is essential to ensuring maximum return on forestry investments.

Planting or re-planting a forest is a major investment decision. As any busy forest owner knows, researching and managing your own forestry investment can be complicated and time consuming - and information is always changing. PF Olsen has professional and experienced forest managers who can help you every step of the way. We will make sure the you get the best planning and execution with the minimum of hassle.

PF Olsen has a long history of providing expert independent services to forest owners and we can provide for all your planning and management needs as a forest grower. Click here for more details.

Replanting provides the opportunity to achieve a greater return on your second rotation. For more information on the benefits of replanting, click here.

Are you getting the maximum return on your forestry investment?