Carbon & Emissions Trading Scheme

PF Olsen has professional forestry consultants with extensive and up-to-date expertise and experience in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and its implications and opportunities for forestry. These specialist consultants are well-informed and resourced to ensure that the forest owner gains the highest possible benefit from any opportunities and obligations that are associated with the ETS and its impact on forest land.

PF Olsen's expertise and experience results from actively working in the ETS from the outset of the scheme, including working and advisory groups. Our services cover all facets of the scheme, including:

  • applications for pre-1990 allocations and exemptions (now expired)
  • pre-1990 deforestation
  • area maximisation of post-1989 registrations
  • preparation of annual emissions returns
  • Field Measurement Approach plotting
  • assisting clients to deregister post-1989 forest land and take advantage of the arbitrage opportunity (now expired)
  • offsetting application
  • carbon unit sales and purchases

For advice  on how to get the most out of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), call Mike Duckett on 07 921 7260 or email Mike Duckett

Want to make sure all your bases are covered in the Emissions Trading Scheme?