Safety Bulletins

PPE & Operator Protective Structures (OPS)

When using a static delimber the machine operator places the large (butt) end of the stem into the delimber then pulls the stem through to its small end. In this incident, a machine operator was attempting to delimb a heavily branched stem by pushing the stem through the delimber. There is no Substitute for Best Practice!


Seasonal Changes Pose Risks!

The recent cold snap is a timely reminder for forestry workers that we are heading into a high-risk period for vehicle and machinery-related injuries. Snow, sleet, rain and the cold during mid-April have created challenging conditions for forest workers just as autumn begins.


Measuring and Reporting – a Helpful Business Tool!

Phil O’Reilly, BusinessNZ CEO, says the survey “…is the most comprehensive assessment of where New Zealand stands in terms of the connection between absenteeism, sickness, costs and related practices in the workplace – until now, no one has put the pieces together to see what the picture looks like...”


Absenteeism costs NZ $1.3 billion…

A study commissioned by Southern Cross Health and BusinessNZ found that an estimated 6.1 million days of work absences cost the New Zealand economy approximately $1.3b in 2012.


Serious Harm & Sentinel Events

On the 28th of January, a driver lost control of the truck he was driving. While he managed to escape, the vehicle tumbled down off a road edge and was badly damaged. Initial reports indicated the driver missed a gear on the steep downhill grade and subsequently lost braking capacity.