A Safety Message from the CEO

Tena Koutou; 

Nga mihi mo te tau hou – best wishes for the New Year!

Taking the opportunity provided by this safety bulletin, I thought to discuss principle-based leadership with a safety context given a lot of our people come back to work very soon after a well-deserved and hopefully enjoyable Christmas break.

I know everyone will be extra vigilant after the break as we all reacquaint ourselves with the rigours of work and I will leave this to others more qualified to discuss elsewhere.

What is your why? What do you believe is important?

We believe everyone who comes to work with us has the right to go home unharmed to their family at the end of the day. We also believe our families and friends should expect us home unharmed everyday as well. To this end, we would like the people who work with us, be they suppliers, staff, clients, or business partners to have the same beliefs.

A simplistic view of principled-based leadership is behaving consistent with your beliefs. If you believe as we do, actions speak louder than words. Leadership is about the things you do, and the things you don’t do, that align to these principles. It is worth mentioning here that we don’t need to be in a leadership position to be a leader. Everyone can demonstrate positive behaviour, and through that be a leader. It is also worth mentioning that allowing behaviour in others without addressing imparts tacit approval that this behaviour is acceptable. Walking past something unsafe doesn’t fit with principled-based leadership.

As we return to work this year, there will be processes and procedures to address, paperwork, administrative duties and the like, and we get that these can be demotivating for some of us who are action oriented. Let’s be clear, sometimes we must do things we are less than enthusiastic about to achieve the results we want. Everyone has the right to go home unharmed and can do if we all lead in a manner consistent with our principles.

Nga Mihi

                                                            Te Kapunga Dewes