A Safety Message from the CEO

Aspire to Better

Having just completed my first month in the role, to those I’ve had the opportunity to meet I’d like to say thank you for the warm welcome and generosity of your time and honest feedback. To those I haven’t yet met, I look forward to it.

The professionalism, pride, and commitment to PF Olsen is very clear. This, along with a sense of optimism provides the foundation to build on our distinguished history!

Working to create value for our clients; our staff and contractors have established a unique reputation of quality outcomes in the environment and community that contribute significantly to our legitimacy to operate or social licence. As a result, we face significant challenges ahead to sustain our ongoing social licence and goodwill.

Targeting mere compliance is highly unlikely to provide us with the social legitimacy to continue to operate in the same manner. This will call for a shift in our thinking and focus and an authentic commitment to exceed on our current compliance standards. How will that happen? As a start, it will require commitment and urgency around the following:

  • Client focus – understanding and anticipating our client needs, delivering on our promises, and exceeding their expectations.
  • Community Outcomes – delivering socially acceptable outcomes for the local and wider community stakeholders whose goals are not aligned to legislative norms.
  • Courage – the courage to engage and confront our processes, industry, and clients to set aside compliance as a target and aspire to better.

By aspiring to be better, we embark on a journey that may prove difficult, but will bring about change that will ongoingly benefit us individually, socially, and professionally.

Te Kapunga Dewes