Maintenance MTI’s Continuing


Maintenance injuries featured strongly in our 2017 data… and the trend appears to be continuing!

INC_634 22/11/17 MTI Using a sledgehammer on the skidder track, a piece of steel ricocheted off and into the worker's forearm.

INC_636 20/12/17 MTI While removing the belly plate from under the machine, the plate, which was twisted, sprung down, cutting the operator’s left hand (stitches required).

INC_674 19/01/18 MTI A breaker-out was splicing an eye onto the main rope when the sharp end of a rope strand caught and cut his forearm (stitches required).

Maintenance considerations…

Wear the correct PPE:  Maintenance injuries often occur because the correct PPE is not worn.  Several sets of gloves may be required, especially when working with oils and grease.

Never complete maintenance alone:  Kiwi’s will often attempt to complete a job alone rather than ask for help.  However, a second person can be used to help with tricky situations e.g. work in confined spaces.  This person can also run additional safety checks, ensuring machinery is properly isolated and de-energised.

Tools: Use the correct tools for the job and don’t leave tools lying around where they can fall and injure other workers.

Clean surfaces before working on them – especially remove oil.

Use a maintenance schedule – regular maintenance² and replacement schedules may prevent break-downs and reduce risk.


² For more information and ‘Preventative Maintenance Tips for Forestry Machines’ please click of this hyperlink:  https://www.cat.com/en_US/articles/support/forestry/6-preventative-maintenance-tips-for-forestry-machines.html

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