Seasonal Changes - Sap's Running!


With the onset of spring weather, increased sap flow in trees generally points to one thing – slippery logs – and especially in mechanised operations where more bark is removed!

Increasing incidents go hand-in-hand with the ‘sap-run’ making it important to apply extra precautions especially when loading logs, working around them or walking on them.

Slippery Logs – extra precautions!

  • When crowning the log packet, load one log at a time.
  • Slew and drive slowly – avoid rapid movements and sudden braking!
  • Ensure the truck loading area is level and balance the load.
  • Tune into the species and log condition e.g. eucalyptus and de-barked logs.
  • Truck drivers – check load security more often and make use of a belly chain.
  • If a log is lost from the load – report immediately to ensure it does not happen again.
  • Follow all of the rules in the ACoP – especially those to do with safe zones!
  • Avoid walking on logs – if you must then wear spiked boots.
  • Watch for stem/log movement on the bearers – especially during crosscutting.

View this article in Health and Safety Bulletin 95