Silviculture – Changes in Work Programme!

Silviculture (growing  and tending) workers experience a high degree of ‘change’ as the  forestry  work  programme  moves  from  site  preparation,  through  to  planting, releasing, pruning and thinning.

Each new job calls for skilled workers that are fully aware of the tasks’ requirements and hazards. While trees are generally smaller in silviculture,  workers face hazards that can and have caused serious harm – there is no room for complacency!

There is no room for complacency

As  we  move  into  the  planting  season,  many  workers  will  once  again  come  across ‘well  known’  but  ‘unfamiliar  hazards’  –  e.g.  driving  on  wet  grassy  tracks. Management of these will call for planning, reminders and increased observation!

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