Pledge to Health & Safety

PF Olsen Ltd shall not fail in its duty of care.

As forest managers we are responsible to ensure all forest operations carried out under our control are carried out in a safe manner. PF Olsen is leading the way in Safety Leadership and Culture management and has projects running with WorkSafe NZ and ACC.

PF Olsen routinely monitors and reports on health and safety performance. Whilst the company strives to continuously improve safety outcomes, our performance indicators compare very favourably to other forest managers in New Zealand. An up-to-date copy of these indicators can be provided on request.

PF Olsen carries out pre-employment, post-incident and random testing for its entire staff in safety-sensitive roles (including any driving company cars) and the same is required for contractors. The testing is done by independent, qualified agencies under strict guidelines to meet the required rigorous standards. View our H&S and D&A policies.

As a member of the Business Leaders' Forum, PF Olsen is committed to its Vision and Pledge.

To learn more about our commitment to health and safety see our Central Safety Committee and Safety Bulletins.

Safetree™ is a one-stop resource to find the safety information you need to do your jobs safely and without injury.  Jointly funded by ACC and the forestry industry, Safetree™ is part of the Government’s commitment to reducing serious harm and fatalities in New Zealand’s workplaces by 25% by 2020.

A recent Independent Forestry Safety Review highlights the critical role and responsibilities of forest owners. In simple terms, forest owners have a legislative requirement to ensure that they have applied due care in ensuring that work done on their land, or in their forest, is done so in a safe and sustainable manner, in compliance with the law.

Click here to learn more about forest owner's Principal's Duties.