Water Quality Monitoring

As at 30.06.17

Water  quality  monitoring  has  been undertaken at various sites – some over extended periods of time.

Long term sites  have sought to produce comparative trends between native forest controls, plantation harvesting and non-harvesting and if possible adjacent agricultural landuse.

Overall sites are being installed to establish a sample distribution of  main geologies and soils covered by the Group Scheme, or where necessary comparable sites outside the scheme.

The  presently  measured  sites  include  three  involving  measurements  in  catchments representing a clay soils site, an erodible tephra pumice/yellow brown earth  site and one site of yellow-brown earths over greywacke which is photographically monitored only.  A  further  site in yellow-brown  earths  over  volcanics  was abandoned  following  change  of ownership but the results retained to contribute to a general library of results.