Chemical Use

As at 30.06.20

PF Olsen Group Scheme FSC® NC-FM/COC-000190

During 2004/05, PF Olsen developed a monitoring system that captures active ingredient by area for the chemicals used within the managed estate.

Since then, PF Olsen has fine-tuned the monitoring system to deal with the complexities of different chemical concentrations of similar chemical products to get an accurate active ingredient used by affected area. The records system also enables separation of data for FSC® and non-FSC® forests.

In 2004/05 the information collected represented only part of the estate and less than a full year. In 2005/06, the data covered total herbicide usage, and saw the introduction of fertilisers. In 2006/07 the addition of vertebrate pesticides used in the control of animal pests such as possums and wallabies was implemented, and in 2013/14 the categories were further separated out to include surfactants and insecticides.