FSC® Forests


PF Olsen Limited is committed to sustainable forest and land management as well as...

Chemical Use

PF Olsen Limited have developed a monitoring system that captures active ingredient by area for the chemicals used within the managed estate.


In 2005, PF Olsen set goals to maintain an intensive program of development of, and training in, new environmental management systems.

Forest Estate Structure

The forests included in the Group Scheme range from small woodlot size holdings, to large scale corporate owned forests, with forest sizes ranging from less than 5 hectares to over 4,500 hectares.

Forest Surveys

Within the PF Olsen managed estate a program of forest surveys has been maintained, focussing on...

Operational Monitoring

PF Olsen Ltd have developed a monitoring system that captures supervisor audits of the key risk forestry operations of harvesting, engineering and mechanical land preparation.

Management Plans

Forestry operations are conducted within a framework determined by an individual Management Plan for each forest.