Environmental Management

Responsible  environmental  management  is  an  integral  part  of  our business.

The New Zealand forest industry is based on renewable plantation forests.  PF Olsen's environmental services to both forest and non-forest industries are recognised as a key area of expertise.

Competent  management  of  the  environmental  effects  of  our operations is important, not only directly for the benefit of the ecosystems and species that develop or exist within forests but for the role the forests play  in  the  wider  ecological  landscape.  At  PF  Olsen  we  apply comprehensive  management  effort  and  attention  to  eliminating,  or minimising,  risks  and  ensuring  forests  and  forestry  remain  positive contributors to the environment.

PF Olsen achieved ISO 14001 certification for their Environmental Management System (EMS) in July 1998 and have maintained that certificate ever since with no major corrective actions required.

The EMS is a systems-based approach to managing the environmental effects of forest operations and contains specific procedures designed to identify environmental constraints, specify measures to mitigate potential adverse impacts and generally ensure that soil, air, water and ecological values are maintained or enhanced. The system is strongly supported by a suite of electronic databases and management reporting features.

PF Olsen is committed to achieving high standards of environmental performance, (click here to see our voluntary self-reporting). To achieve this we:

  • plan operations to maintain the environmental values of the property: soil, air, water and ecology
  • comply with all relevant legislation, and, where appropriate, exceed environmental statutory requirements
  • train all PF Olsen employees and contractors to ensure an understanding of their responsibilities under environmental legislation and to assist the implementation of sound environmental practices
  • ensure the effectiveness of the PF Olsen Environmental Management System is supported by regular internal audits, continual improvement targets and 3rd party external audits
  • support, and are actively involved with environmental research

A recent Independent Forestry Safety Review highlights the critical role and responsibilities of forest owners. In simple terms, forest owners have a legislative requirement to ensure that they have applied due care in ensuring that work done on their land, or in their forest, is done so in a safe and sustainable manner, in compliance with the law.

Click here to learn more about forest owner's Principal's Duties.


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