About PEFC

PEFC Certification - An alternative system providing proof that forest products come from responsibly managed forests.

PEFC is another forest certification system available to the international forestry sector.  PEFC stands for the "Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification"  Under PEFC, countries may develop forest management standards appropriate to the natural, social, physical and economic environments of those countries.  If those national standards are able to meet a comprehensive set of criteria as set out under the PEFC programme, the standard may be endorsed and thus be able to be recognised through a common recognised branding and 'chain of custody' system.

In New Zealand, PEFC endorsement of the NZ sustainable forest management standard NZAS4708-2014 was achieved in late 2014.

Forest owner and international market demands mean that some forest owners are seeking PEFC certification or dual PEFC and FSC certification to cover the different markets in which they operate.

PF Olsen's first major client successfully achieved certification under this programme in April 2017.

For information about PEFC international click here and PEFC in New Zealand TBA.

Annually updated public summaries of our environment performance and activities will be announced later in 2017.

Currently engaged in PEFC certification consultation" - none at present